The Wondrous Common

Few mounds of sand,

Made the princess her fortress.

Sitting on her tyre swing,

She watched in creep the darkness,

Then, those tiny little toes,

Slipped into their shoes.

An old rubber tyre,

Found a purpose on his trotter.

The ripped plastic bag,

Slipped around his shoulder,

Then, on his booted toe,

He hopped to his shelter.

The old light bulb,

Turned into an ewer.

The old straw bonnet,

Served to gather  flower,

She then disappeared,

Into the candle lit cottage.

A bottle from the ceiling,

Brought in a drop of daylight.

Waking to this, the child,

Reached for her tin can pochette.

Now, all set,

She had the world at her feet.

Divided at dawn,

They united by dusk.

Despite the darkness,

The silver was all they saw.

-Sushmitta Renganathan

Like the boy in the picture -who is making the best out of the view before him, despite the squalid land he is standing on- the world is full of people who find happiness in the toughest of times. The Wondrous Common is my tribute to the wonderful people who are united by their optimism, despite their struggles.

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    I send my best wishes to you from England.


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